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If you are experiencing a divorce, you likely have many concerns regarding the determinations made about your finances. For many, these financial concerns come in the form of spousal support and child support. As an experienced Certified Family Law Specialist*, I have the knowledge to obtain fair solutions in these determinations.

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Spousal Support (Alimony)

California law provides for spousal support (alimony) on the termination of a marriage if factors exist to warrant spousal support. Family Code section 4320 sets forth the numerous factors to be reviewed when analyzing the need for spousal support. Those factors include the parties’ earnings and earning capacity, the length of the marriage, the education, health and work history of the person and other relevant factors. As an experienced Certified Family Law Specialist, I will advise you about the various options you may have in negotiating a higher spousal support award or ways in which you may avoid or reduce your exposure to paying spousal support. By structuring your argument or settlement offer in a certain way, I may be able to make a substantial difference in the amount of spousal support you receive or pay

In most circumstances, spousal support is modifiable. If there is a spousal support order in place in your case and you believe that the order should be changed, please contact me to determine whether a motion to modify the order is appropriate.

Sunnyvale Child Support Lawyer

California has a statewide formula for the computation of child support. This formula takes into consideration many factors, including the number of children, the earning ability of both parties, timeshare with the children, tax issues, the payment of certain expenses such as health insurance, mortgage and real estate taxes, and whether parties contribute to retirement plans. Additional amounts of support may be ordered for childcare costs and educational needs.

I represent parties where child support is an issue and I will advise you regarding your rights and obligations as they pertain to the issue of child support.

Although child support may continue until the child is 18 or past the child’s 18th birthday if the child is still in high school, the needs of the child or children may change or the financial circumstances of the parties may change that would warrant a modification of support. If there is a current child support order in your case and there has been a change in circumstances since the initial child support order was made, a modification of support may be appropriate. Please contact my office for an analysis of your circumstances and I will advise you whether I believe that a modification request is appropriate.

*Marilla J. Ronald is certified as a Family Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

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